Kuliah Tamu Oleh Dr. Johan Heymans, Rotterdam University Of Applied Scinece, Netherland.
Visiting Lecture by Dr. Johan Heymans, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherland
21 Maret 2018 | 823

Visiting Lecture by Dr. Johan Heymans, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherland

A visiting lecture which was initiated by Laboratory of Urban-Rural Design and Conservation, Architecture, Engineering Faculty, Universitas Sebelas Maret, has been held on February 22th, 2018, at Ruang Sidang Senat, Engineering Faculty, UNS, Surakarta. The lecture presented Dr. Heymans from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Netherland. About 60 attendance from several engineering major in Engineering Faculty UNS joined the lecture. Not only them, but there were also several attendance from Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta and Universitas Atmajaya Yogyakarta.

In His lecture, Dr. Heymans raised a topic about “Dutch Water Management Practices Applicable in Indonesia”. He started the lecture with introducing many of water management problem faced by Indonesian Government which is also faced by Dutch and other countries over the world. As we might know, several cities in Netherland live under sea level. Therefore, water management takes very important role and spent huge infrastructural investment.

After delivering some introduction, the lecture continued with showing many engineering activities which has been done by Dutch in their water management program, especially flood management. Flood is a concern because around 26% of the Dutch area lies below sea level and flood has very big impact on Duct economy. Flood can cause country lost for about €2,000 trillion. Big flood has occurred in Dutch in 1953, 1993, and 1995. Later flood countering efforts changed into prevention, from holding sea become reforestation river area and increasing climate change awareness. Dr. Heymans said that climate change is the most important issue in managing watery system in Netherland.

Beside visiting lecture, on that day, there were also a MoU signature between Engineering Faculty UNS and Built Environment Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The MoU includes student and lecturer exchanges program and collaborative research. Actually, collaboration between Architecture UNS and Rotterdam Applied Science has been being conducted since 2015, thus incoming 2018 student exchanges program for September-January already become a routine agenda.  

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