Kunjungan Istri Panglima TNI di Fakultas Teknik UNS
Visitation of TNI Commanders Wife to Engineering Faculty UNS
22 Maret 2018 | 1113

Visitation of TNI Commanders Wife to Engineering Faculty UNS

One of The 42nd UNS Dies Natalis Agenda on Tuesday, March 20th 2018, was presenting TNI Commander, Marsekal TNI Hadi Tjahjanto for delivering a studium generale at Auditorium UNS. The entourage of The Commander was bring along The Commander’s wife, Mrs. Nanik Istumawati. While her husband was delivering the lecture, she had different agenda to visit several faculties, include Engineering Faculty, which aimed to take a closer look to faculties’ contribution for realizing Go Green Campaign. At Engineering Faculty, the entourage of Commander’s Wife greeted at Ruang Sidang Timur and welcomed directly by Engineering Faculty’s Dean, Dr. techn. Ir. Solihin As’ad, MT., along with The vice Deans and also other officials of Engineering Faculty. In the entourage, there was seen also Mrs. Handayani Ravik Karsidi, the wife of UNS Rector. In his welcoming speech, The Dean said that there were many inventions in Engineering Faculty UNS which is connected to The Go Green Campaign, such as Eco-friendly Battery, Drinking Water System, and Solar Panel. Later those technologies would be presented to the entourage.

The Eco-friendly Battery has a function as electrical energy storage. This invention is an answer for electricity saving challenge. The energy stored in the battery can be a backup for power outage, as explained by Dr. Eng. Agus Purwanto, ST., MT.

The Drinking Water System, is an invention which utilize water reserves under UNS area. Under UNS area there is a huge water source which gave an idea to Dr. techn. Ir. Solihin As’ad, MT. to build a drinking water processing and distribution installation which is located next to The UNS Post Office. The installation distribute the processed water to every single unit in UNS, that’s why all unit in UNS can utilize it.

One more invention is The Solar Panel. This panel has a capability to collect solar energy and then converts it into electrical energy, as Chico Hermanu Brillianto A., ST., MT. said.

All of the Engineering Faculty inventions which ware presented on that day got a big appreciation from Mrs. Istumawati, then she suggested to implement those inventions to schools and offices in TNI neighborhood.

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