Prodi Teknik Sipil Fakultas Teknik UNS Menerima Kunjungan dari SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta
Civil Engineering - Engineering Faculty UNS got A Visit from SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta
11 April 2018 | 1206

Civil Engineering - Engineering Faculty UNS got A Visit from SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta

Many people has notice the rise of Engineering Faculty UNS, and many of them become curious to know further about it. On Tuesday, April 10th 2018, placed in Ruang Sidang Utama, Engineering Faculty UNS got a visit from SMA Negeri 81 Jakarta, which had a main purpose to know about Civil Engineering UNS. The visiting entourage consist of 200 students and 10 representations of the school committee. Dr. Diana, one of the committee representative intensively discussed about Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program in UNS.

The head of Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program, Mr. Wibowo, ST., DEA., explain comprehensively about Civil Engineering curriculum, the lectures that must be taken in 8 semester and also the opportunity for occupation for Civil Engineering professional. The graduates’ quality of Civil Engineering UNS is undisputed which caused high demand from private and government companies. Moreover, a government companies provide scholarship for Civil Engineering UNS students with a purpose to contract them to join their company after graduation. Mr. Wibowo, ST., DEA., also said that almost 50% student are female, which shows the Program is not dominated only by male. Because Civil Engineering UNS is the first Engineering Program in UNS, its alumnus number is the biggest among Engineering Programs in UNS.

Civil Engineering UNS have a community for their alumnus, namely Yayasan Alumni Peduli or ALPED. Ir. Sofa Marwoto, MT., one of the ALPED founder, said that the community has been giving many support for Civil Engineering activities. A scholarship program has been being provided by ALPED for financially poor student which already meet some defined criteria, so that they are not afraid of dropout due to tuition fee unpaid in the middle of they are taking the courses. Student with GPA of 3.70 or higher directly get the scholarship. Some financial aids also provided for internship students who work at companies out of Central Java. Moreover, there are also financial supports for students who join scientific competition, both for national or international level. In February-July 2018 academic period, scholarship is provided for 100 students. Consider the student body of Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program is 500 active students, it means ALPED has funded 20% of total students. Following the presentation, the entourage continue their visit to lecturing rooms of Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program.

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