FT.UNS.ac.id - Faculty of Engineering, Sebelas Maret University
Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


To be an excellent institution of higher education at international level in the development of engineering field based on the noble values ​​of national culture.


The Faculty of Engineering of Sebelas Maret University has the following missions:

  1. Organizing education and teaching in the field of engineering by always encouraging self-development of lecturers and students independence in acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  2. Conducting research that resulted in new inventions in the field of engineering.
  3. Organizing community service activities in the field of engineering oriented to community empowerment.


  1. The creation of an educational and engineering environment that produces graduates who are devoted to God Almighty, virtuous, intelligent, skilled, independent, healthy physically, spiritually, and socially.
  2. The creation of a field of engineering development by conducting a powerful and effective research activity through desimination to enable sustainable technological transformation.
  3. The creation of a vehicle for the application of engineering fields by conducting community service activities for a better life.